FAQ – Tanpamerek
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General Questions

Here you can download stock photos, videos, and other stuffs from various microstocks

You can choose to use the our service, with low prices and can be used in many different services.

If you want to download things, you need to buy package/topup. After you got your balance (Credit/Bonus) you can download things you want

Because each service / provider have different price. So, Tanpamerek have pricing table, you can check it here Pricing

Because each request executes a command to the server, and it sometimes burdens the server and takes a few seconds to process

You will get error response when system can’t get the item for you. Here are the examples:

  • Account overslot: Each account have a limit slot for download such as 350 slot, 750 slot, 100 slot(like freepik)… When it get daily limit or reach out of stock, it need time to reset or update new account.
  • Account dead
  • Server connecting corrupt
  • Resource maintenance

So many reason, but error its mean you cant get that item at that time. And please try again later. because system already re-try itself for 5 times before response error. So you don’t have to make many request.


Pricing and Plans

If you buy package(s) you will get balance (Credit/Bonus). This balance is a currency, with this you can use to download or buy things here. The higher the package you buy, the more bonuses you get.

Usually, your balance will be updated automatically. But some case it need to verify manually.

Actually, it’s the same thing. But with high package you bought, you will get bonus. If you download things, system will deduct your bonus first.

Your balance will not expire, as long as the balance is still sufficient to download, you can use it anytime